Why the SmartWatch is a Travellers Must-Have Companion

For those avid travellers amongst us there are plenty of useful pieces of technology that we can happily slip in to our backpacks that will help make our global adventures that little bit more fun and safe. Just because you might be venturing to the very corners of the world it doesn’t mean that we have to be entirely cut off from everyone around us and on occasions a simple and innovative piece of tech can help guide us and entertain us on our once in a lifetime trip. This year will be known as the year of the smartwatch. But why is this new wearable tech a traveller’s must-have companion?

TripCase is one of the first travel-based apps to appear on the popular new Apple Watch. This useful travel application, which can be downloaded from the iOS store, is great for tracking and organizing your journeys. You can receive free flight alerts directly to your watch which is fantastic if you happen to find yourself running through an airport so you don’t miss your next flight. You simply have to look at your wrist and get all the relevant information you need in a split second


The app also allow you to access other flight schedules, get weather and other travel updates as well as accessing flights seating plans. Travel plans can get complicated if you’re intending on travelling to many different destinations and struggling to organize all the info into a well-structured can be painstaking and take a lot of enjoyment out of the trip. But at least with TripCase and other likeminded apps you’ll now be able to keep a close eye on everything that comes next.

For those who find themselves on long haul flights will definitely need some form of entertainment to keep themselves occupied. If you’re already bored of the in-flight entertainment on offer then you can always turn once more to your smartwatch to get involved in some gaming action. You can even keep in touch and play on various smartwatch casino games against your friends who are thousands of miles away.

Apart from the apps the Apple Watch does also provide a number of built-in features that will appeal to travellers on the go. The watch provides hands-free features that allow you to use its Siri function and its haptic technology that can help navigate you around a city simply by touch. And now with the roll-out of the new Apple Pay service paying for things safer and simpler will also help benefit travellers who are constantly on the move and need to keep track of their travel budgets.

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