Trek Helpers: Top Android Hiking Apps for Hitting the Trail

With over 44 million people going hiking last year in the US alone, it’s clear to see that hiking is a very popular outdoor activity. One of the main positives of hiking is it’s not only a great form of exercise but allows you to explore new places and experience some fantastic views if you’re hiking to a substantial height.

But whilst hiking certainly has its benefits, it also comes with plenty of potential dangers too. It’s easy to underestimate how dangerous hiking can actually be and there’s a lot of mistakes that are easily made with disastrous consequences. When planning a hiking trip it’s important to prepare as much as possible and, with today’s advancements in apps, it makes sense to take advantage of what technology has to offer. So, if you’re planning to hit the trail anytime soon and are looking for a helping hand, here are some top Android hiking apps to make your trip easier and safer!


To ensure your hike is as successful and safe as possible, it’s vital to plan every aspect of your route before you go. Getting lost is extremely dangerous when hiking, especially if you’re in a new area you’ve never ventured to before.

AllTrails is one of the best apps out there to connect with other hikers and new trails. You can use the app to search for the closest trails to your current location as well as read tips from other hikers who’ve already completed that trail! You’ll learn exactly how many provisions to take and of any rough areas along the way before you even start, making AllTrails an essential app to have when planning your next hiking trip!

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Weather Live Free

The secret to any good hike is to have decent weather. You could do all the planning in the world and pick the best possible trail you can find but, if you’re faced with terrible weather, you’re almost guaranteed to have an equally terrible trip.

As its name suggests Weather Live Free is a 100% free weather app for Android that provides a detailed weather forecast no matter where you are in the world. Also offering accurate wind speed and precipitation information, you’ll almost always avoid going out hiking in bad weather with this app by your side.

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SAS Survival Guide

Accidents and bad situations can happen at any time during a hike, so it’s essential you have the skills to deal with whatever comes your way. SAS Survival Guide offers a huge range if survival tips like knots, first aid, a compass, and a guide to poisonous plants. Essential for keeping you as safe as possible no matter what the circumstances, download SAS Survival Guide and get learning!

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While hiking is great fun and loved by millions, there’s no denying it can be dangerous if you’re not careful. But with the above apps downloaded and ready to use, you’ll be as prepared and safe as possible throughout your entire trip from start to finish.