Traveling to Canada with a DUI – what you need to know

People often wonder if it’s possible to travel to Canada with a DUI, or Drunk Driving offence. There are several things you need to know if you have a DUI on your record. It’s confusing business, and the possibility of being turned away at the border is the last thing anyone wants to deal with. So it’s best to get up to speed on how to travel to Canada with a DUI.

Without a pardon or waiver, you may be turned away at the border

It is up to the border agents to determine if they will let you into Canada with a DUI on your record.Some people are able to get into Canada with a DUI. You may get in several times before getting the one border agent who doesn’t like the cut of your jib and turns you away. It can, and will happen in time without a waiver.

Even George Bush had to get a waiver due to a drunk driving infraction of his from his younger days.

If you’re traveling to Canada with a DUI, don’t lie about it

If you’re caught misrepresenting yourself at the Canadian border, you’re very likely going to be turned away. If they ask about any history of crime, or ask about driving infractions, be honest with them. Canadian border agents take their job seriously and can put you on the spot for hours if they think something about you is fishy. Be friendly, honest, and if possible try and dress like an honest hardworking individual. Look your best and just be yourself.


How to get a waiver to enter Canada with a DUI

It’s best to speak to a lawyer before you plan on leaving to Canada. It may take a week or two for all your paperwork to go through to prove you are rehabilitated and not a threat to Canadian society. You may require applying for a Temporary Resident Permit (TRP), which allows a person to enter Canada for a specific amount of time, assuming they have a valid reason to visit. The other option is a permanent solution, which is Criminal Rehabilitation. It’s an application process where you’ll have to petition Canada Immigration Authorities to forgive your DUI offence. In order for you to obtain this 5 years will have to have passed since your sentence ,fines, probations, etc.

Remember that drinking & driving in Canada is a crime. If you’re in a bigger city, call a cab, uber, or ask for a ride. Safety first folks!