The Average Apartment Rental Costs Across Canada [Infographic]

Looking for the average cost of rent for apartments? This handy infographic will give you a fairly up to date overview of the typical monthly costs for bachelor, one bedroom, two bedroom and three bedroom apartments. If you’re going to be moving to Canada for any period it’s good to get a sense of what you’re going to be spending each month on rent.

Big cities (usually) have bigger price tags

As you can imagine, Vancouver and Toronto typically have the highest monthly apartment rental costs. Though you should keep in mind that depending on the location of your apartment, you may be able to save on additional monthly expenses such as transportation by living in a city with a better bus or subway infrastructure. One exception to this rule with cheaper rent, compared to other big cities is the french Canadian city of Montreal. Montreal actually has rent control ensuring the cost of rent doesn’t blow up to ridiculous prices. Though be warned, work can be harder to find in Montreal unless you’re bilingual.

Average apartment rental costs

Unfortunately rent is still one of the most expensive expenses if you plan on finding a working holiday visa in Canada. Even apartment rentals in Regina, Edmonton, Winnipeg, and Halifax are fairly high considering the population size. However, some cities you’ll find have a much better economy for backpacker jobs, particularly seasonal and unskilled labour. So those additional costs may be simply the price of securing a position that is going to pay you well enough to survive. Best piece of advice I can give is to explore all of your options, and consider asking locals about the best neighbourhoods to rent in.

Special thanks to RentSeeker for compiling this infographic.