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Whenever we venture into the mountains, we’re accepting a certain degree of risk. The reward of time spent in nature and the rush of mountain sports make the decision easy. It’s fun to play outside.

We can all appreciate this famous John Muir quote:

““The Mountains Are Calling, and I Must Go…”

Few people have answered that calling quite like long-time Jasper local Ryan Titchner. I’ve known Titch, as he’s known by nearly everybody, since I first moved to Jasper in 2011. He’s the most dedicated mountain athlete I have ever met. Since first discovering the Canadian Rockies, he’s worked tirelessly to become an ACMG Mountain Guide. While working tirelessly to prepare for his upcoming alpine guide exam, he was severely injured in an unfortunate rock fall incident. Sadly, the injury has put his mountain guide aspirations on hold, but his intense focus has already shifted to what is certain to be a trying and lengthy recovery.

It’s hard to ever prepare for a major injury and Titch faces a lengthy recovery time. The financial implications are excruciating, but helping out allows him to focus on his rehabilitation rather than on paying mounting expenses. The general mountain community, especially those who call Jasper home, have rallied in support of Ryan and I hope you’ll consider helping, as well.

Support Ryan Titchner Print Sale Details

After donating a framed 16X9 version of this image for a silent auction being held today in Jasper, Alberta, I decided I wanted to reach out to everyone who follows my adventure photography on this website, Instagram, Steller, and other social media channels, to see if we could collectively do a little bit more to support him.

If you’ll ever spend $10 on one of my images, I’m asking you to do it today. I am selling 5″ X 5″ prints of this image for $10. I’ll personally cover the printing and shipping expenses, so the full proceeds of your purchase will be donated directly to Ryan’s recovery fund. To purchase a print, just follow this paypal link:

If you aren’t interested in the print or if  you’d simply like to donate more towards Ryan’s Recovery, there is a GoFundMe campaign running, too.

An Overview of the Incident

July 15, aspiring ACMG mountain guide Ryan Titchner suffered a horrific accident while training for his upcoming alpine guide exam. While climbing Pigeon Spire in British Columbia’s Bugaboo Mountains with his girlfriend Tereza Turecká, bad luck struck. As one of the 50 Classic Mountain Routes in North America, Pigeon Spire sees dozens of climbers everyday throughout the summer. Unfortunately, while descending a short notch feature, Ryan dislodged and was completely run over by a 300-400 kg rock just moments after he safely hip-belayed Tereza down the same route.

Ryan suffered several significant injuries, including 14 broken ribs and a collapsed lung; however, it’s the crushed L3 vertebrae and nerve damage along the spinal chord that is the most debilitating. Ryan is currently paralyzed below the knees and a true diagnosis concerning his potential outcome will be unknown for the foreseeable future.

“At this point we do not know to what extent Ryan will ever be able to move his lower legs,” says Tereza. “Until now, we can only see one toe moving. We have two ankles, 9 toes and two lower legs to fire up still. Ryan will be in the hospital for the next two months and it doesn’t seem like he will be jumping out the door when they release him (which would be my dearest wish).

Please take a moment to read and listen to the full story:

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