Six Travel Essentials You Need To Remember

It’s winter travel season in Canada. While most are heading to the mountains or northern cottage country to partake in some of the amazing winter activities in Canada. It’s important to plan ahead and make sure you’ve got all the right gear for your journey. But making sure you have everything you need in readiness for a trip abroad can be confusing. Here’s a list of six travel essentials that you cannot do without on any holiday.


Let’s face it – you’re not going to get very far if you forget your passport. Make sure your passport is safely packed away in your hand luggage before you leave for the airports, along with your flight tickets and any boarding passes you have may have been required to print-off in advance. Once in the departure terminal, keep your documents safe and close to hand ready for inspection. Before you even book your holiday, make sure your passport is in date; you won’t be permitted to fly with a passport that’s either already expired or due to expire.



Regardless of where you’re going, chances are, you’re going to need a whole new holiday wardrobe. Travel essentials include t-shirts, shorts, a pair of comfy good quality joggers, sunglasses, and some suave get-ups for those nights on the Ibiza tiles. Depending on what you have planned, you’ll probably also need a couple of pairs of shoes – a pair for going out, a pair for in the day, and a pair for walking. Want a peek at what’s in my backpack? Or perhaps after a more detailed Packing List for Canadian Travel? These posts should help you out!



Chances are, you’ll be able to buy toiletries from your destination, but the price will probably be much higher than you might expect in the United States or UK. Purchase shampoos and shower gels before you fly to save yourself some time and money. Sun-cream is a necessity, too, so make sure you’re well stocked to deter sun-stroke and unwanted burns. You’ll also need to pack a toothbrush and some toothpaste. Remember to pack your liquids in your luggage and wrap in plastic wrap to ensure you don’t arrive with a mess on your hands (and clothes).



No fashion savvy guy would dare head abroad without a statement pair of shades. As well as being cool, a decent pair of glasses should provide protection against harmful UV rays and enable you to look where you’re walking without having to squint through the sunshine. Sunglasses are also incredibly handy for driving during the winter or if you’re spending any long amounts of time outside. Snow blindness is a thing, so save your corneas.

If you’re looking to treat yourself, there’s always the option of taking advantage of the airport’s duty free and bagging a pair of designer shades. Alternatively, surf the net before you depart for a bargain. Lately I’m all about Zenni Optical, I’ve bought like 4 pairs. I finally have 2 pairs of prescription sunglasses. Best 30 dollars I’ve spent in a while!

passport docs

Travel Insurance

Every year, thousands of people take the plunge and travel abroad without valid travel insurance, often with disastrous consequences. While none of us want to think of our eagerly anticipated travels dissolving into holiday hell, the stark reality is that accidents can unwittingly befall us anywhere in the world. Having valid travel insurance means you can access medical care if and when you require it without having to worry about footing eye-wateringly expensive medical bills. Need to read up more about insurance? Read my post on Do Backpackers Really Need Travel Insurance.



As exciting as the thought of travelling on a plane may be, for the majority of us, the novelty of riding through the clouds quickly wears off once we’re sandwiched in our seats and forced to endure the revolting taste of microwaved plane-food. Keep yourself level-headed and distracted from the sounds of people chewing and children crying ‘are we there yet?’ with a pair of earphones or earplugs, a good book, or an iPad loaded with your favourite TV series. Netflix recently announce that some shows and movies are available to download – meaning you now have more options than just that B-grade TV they usually have on Air Canada and WestJet.

If you forget something you’ve got options!

If you just forgot your toothbrush or that favourite pair of slacks, don’t fret. Canada has shopping. If you’re going to be anywhere long enough, Amazon has some terrific deals, or simply head to the local mall and see what you can find. If you forgot something more important like travel documents, consider bugging your friends or family back home to scan a copy for you and email you what you need. If you’re like me, you can plan all you want but you’re bound to forget something. Just be ready to adapt!