Petite Boutique of African Clothes and Accessories

Seeking some modestly priced gifts in my neighborhood, I came upon this bare-bones boutique bursting with color. It’s called Aweny, and its designer Sofia Paraiso makes traditional and modern clothing in beautiful prints and hues.

Aweny Creations - 1
the foulard - 1For 20 euros I bought this scarf with an elastic end (which almost looks like a super-skinny pair of pants) that you attach to your head and then wrap as you see fit. “You personalize it,” Sofia said. She also has wrap skirts, long skirts, and shift dresses in those strong cotton fabrics.
necklaces - 1For those who may be a bit too shy to wear such attention-grabbing looks, there are blank books covered in the fabrics, and accessories both bold and demure.