Perito Moreno Glacier – Los Glaciares National Park

The Los Glaciares National park’s entrance is about 40 minute drive from El Calafate on a quite good paved road. The entry fee is 500 Argentinian Pesos per person and you can only pay cash. After the entrance there is an additional 20 minute drive on a paved but very bumpy road to the glacier. There are a few viewpoints, miradors on the way where you can see the Glacier from the distance.

You can drive in until the main car parking area which has restaurants, souvenir shops and restrooms from there you can either walk to the glacier or take the free shuttle bus which rides every 15-20 minutes. We took the shuttle as we didn’t have enough time to do the walk.

The shuttle drops you right at the entrance to the Glacier walkways. There are many routes you can walk and they are all marked with colours. We did only the yellow and part of the red ones.


Needless to say, that the view is really breath-taking. This is the single largest glacier I have ever seen. It was worth all the trouble really to get here.

If you would like to get even closer to the glacier there is a jetty on the way back to the entrance and boats leaving every half an hour to see the glacier up close. Unfortunately we didn’t have the time for this either…

It is quite a large park, if you would like to walk all routes and take the boat trip as well you can easily spend the day here. The biggest mistake we made that we didn’t factor in enough time for the Los Glaciares National Park and El Calafate for that matter.