No more sim cards for your foreign mobile phone at Santiago airport.

Last year when we came to Chile getting a sim card was very easy. We walked up to this phone shop, the guy gave us a sim card, we loaded it with money, he enabled data, and we were good to go.

Well… not anymore…

Since 09.22.2017 some new regulations came into effect. The IMEI number of your phone has to be registered in Chile before you can actually use a local sim card. If you have a phone that has been used in Chile before that date you will be fine, as your IMEI is already in the system, but if you come to Chile at the first time you gonna have to do the following:

  • Fill in a form
  • Take a copy of your passport
  • Take a copy of your immigration card ( the one you get when you enter Chile )
  • Then send all these on to an email address and wait for confirmation

They guy at the airport booth said it takes 3 days to get your IMEI enabled then you can buy a sim card. Make sure you count on this change when you come to Chile at the first time. You will be on the mercy of free wifi for 3 business days…

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