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Silver Explorer brings us close to a glacier in Magdaleneafjorden.

From Nicole: Alan and Donna have had little-to-no internet access on their Arctic cruise, which is a good thing if you ask me. From what I’ve seen of Donna’s Facebook photos (see above!), their trip certainly seems like the experience of a lifetime. Disconnecting is probably best while exploring off-the-beaten-path corners of the world, although we’ll wait to hear what Donna says when she comes back online!

In case you’re thinking about following in their arctic adventure footsteps, here are a good few places to start researching:

This Week’s Articles

If you love everything Italy like I do, you’ll love this week’s post on Touring the Carrara Marble Mines.

It’s been a while since I visited Bordeaux, but find out why my memories of exploring this elegant French town have stayed with me over the years.

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More Travel News for Boomers

Don’t forget that our National Park System is celebrating their 100th birthday this year. To join the celebration, make sure to look for some National Park Centennial events in a park near you. Another great idea (recommended by Donna) is to volunteer in one of the parks :

  • Volunteering in a park is an amazing way to experience all of what our national park system has to offer. Better yet, if you contribute 250 service hours, you’ll be eligible for a free annual volunteer pass.
  • Becoming a citizen scientist is also an incredibly fulfilling experience. Volunteers can do a range of activities such as counting moths, cataloging wildflower blooms or even participating in a bioblitz that provides baseline data for major scientific studies. The first-hand knowledge of the environmental factors affecting national parks is invaluable.

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