My Adventurous New Years Resolutions

Throughout 2017, I partnered with Eddie Bauer and their #LiveYourAdventure initiative. It’s a natural fit, too, as my annual resolutions always prioritize adventure. To learn more, follow their #LiveYourAdventure blog.

I look forward to continuing this partnership and adventure-first initiative in 2018!

The holiday season is wrapping up and I’ve spent the past ten days celebrating with friends, skiing in Rogers Pass and eating too many sweets. Naturally, it’s time to hold myself accountable by announcing my adventurous New Years Resolutions.

Before getting started, I reflected on 2017 in my latest Steller Story. The past 365 were a wild ride. I visited Asia for the first time, camped on three different continents, and visited 13 countries (I think). There were mountaintop high fives and a few epic meltdowns. I dove into ice-cold lakes and rode across scorching deserts.

My work continued to evolve and my writing, photography, and video were published internationally. I grew existing relationships and gained new clients. I probably burned a bridge, or two.

All told, when I look back at 2017, I wouldn’t change anything. It was one helluva ride. Looking towards 2018, I have just one thought. It better be epic, because it has one tough act to follow.

My 4 Adventurous New Years Resolutions

Find Time for MicroAdventures

When Alastair Humphreys coined the term Microadventure, I’m sure he didn’t realize he was creating a global movement.  The idea of simple adventures, which can often be squeezed into any work schedule, prove we can all get outside.

In 2017, my last-minute trip in the Paradise Valley was an excellent opportunity to get outside. I was gone less than 36 hours, but returned home ready to tackle my next work project.

I need to find more time for these personal micro-adventures between work projects. Here are three that I’m planning this year:

  1. Bike a double century – 320 km in a single day.
  2. Sleep out every month – Backcountry huts, tents and bivys meet my criteria. Hotels, B&B’s. and lodges do not.
  3. Ski the Wapta – in 2017, I skied the Bow to Yoho traverse on the Wapta Icefield. This year, I’ll do the classic Wapta Traverse

Complete an Epic

Complete an epic, like the Ak-Suu Transverse

In the outdoor world, we always talk about three types of fun, which Leigh and Spring McClurg highlight in this article on their Pebleshoo blog. Personally, I’m a type-2 kinda guy; I’ve never understood the point if simple type-1 fun.

Although I completed the Ak-Suu Transverse hike in Kyrgyzstan, I didn’t complete a true epic this year. In 2016, I cycled the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route, which truly challenged my physical and mental endurance.

I’m craving that type of adventure again in 2018, but I just haven’t picked out the objective. Either way, I’m adding Complete an Epic to my adventurous New Years resolutions. Expect an update soon!

Make an Adventure Film