Most Beautiful White Sand Beaches in the Caribbean

If you live in a cold area, you have probably been wishing for the last several weeks that you could hop on a plane and jet off to the warm, beautiful white sandy beaches of the Caribbean Islands. Perhaps the cold, snow and ice have been so fierce, that you have actually begun to plan your vacation to the white sand beaches of the Caribbean, whether it is this year, or you are planning ahead for next winter. We believe the following couple of places are the most beautiful white sand beaches in the Caribbean, and should not be missed.



The first is Flamenco Beach, located in Puerto Rico. The beach is famous for its white sands, which are only separated from the celestial blue waters by the whites of the waves that roll onto shore. The beach tends to have fewer people visit than many of the other Caribbean beaches, therefore, you can enjoy the beauty of this white beach peacefully. You can spend your entire vacation lying on the beach, feeling the warm ocean water gently come up and tickle your toes if you want, or you can engage in other fun activities that the beach has to offer.

Throughout the beach there are various fishing spots, so ladies, if you want to lie on the beach all day, your husband has an activity to keep him occupied. Additionally, there are beautiful snorkeling and diving sites located within close proximity to the beach if that tickles your fancy. The marine life of the Caribbean is known to be absolutely spectacular, and you don’t want to miss experiencing the beauty beneath the water because you were you were too busy enjoying the sun above.


Most Beautiful White Sand Beaches in the Caribbean - Eagle Beach - photographydd


Eagle Beach, located on Aruba, the world-famous island for beach lovers, is another must visit beach during your Caribbean Vacation. Like all Caribbean beaches, Eagle Beach is perfect for beach bumming all day, but there are many other things to do here that will keep you busy for your entire Caribbean beach vacation. There are also various locations to go snorkeling and diving, so you can enjoy the beach from beneath the water as well.

Eagle Beach is world famous for its turtles, and if you travel to the Caribbean often, you should make the journey to Eagle Beach at least once to see this spectacle. A few months per year, the beautiful beach will begin to look different, as local conservationists put markers around the turtle nests. You can observe the nests of the four kinds of turtles that live near Eagle Beach: Leatherback, Loggerhead, Green and Hawkshill. Each turtle nest contains about eighty eggs (so that means eighty possible cute, tiny, adorable baby turtles!).


Fun in the Sun in Aruba - Things to do in Aruba Itinerary - Turtles on Eagle Beach


When the turtles hatch, they all make the journey through the white sands of Eagle Beach and collide with the ocean. Hundreds of people line the beach to watch this amazing event each year and cheer on the little guys. You will remember watching this event for the rest of your life, and if you do go (which you should!) be sure to bring along your camera so that you can let everyone back home enjoy this amazing event from a distance.

Whether you need a break from the freezing cold of your home area, or just need a vacation, the beautiful white sands of the Caribbean Island beaches can be anyone’s dreams. With so many activities on the beaches, it is also possible to visit the islands again and again and never do the same thing twice!


Do you agree with our two choices for the most beautiful white sand beaches in the Caribbean?  What would you add?


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