Marisquería La Caleta de Pacheco – Seafood Restaurant

We picked this little restaurant while we were walking around in the Central Market building in Santiago de Chile. To be honest with you the reason why we walked in here because there was no staff in front of the restaurant trying to get us going into their place, the prices looked right and it was packed. So it checked all the boxes to be a good restaurant experience and we didn’t leave disappointed.

We both ordered fried fish, with that you can’t really go wrong. The server brought us free fish soup as starter which really pleased me as I love to start a good meal with a soup.

The fried fish was also very nice, not a huge amount so I could easily finish it but didn’t stay Hungry at all. Very interesting how tomatoes are being served in Chile, they actually skin the tomatoes before serving. It surely is nicer this way.

I am more than happy to recommend this little restaurant to anyone who is into fish and would like to eat where locals eat. Trust me the fish here can not get any fresher. It is part of the fish market after all 🙂

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