March 2017 Desktop Wallpapers

March 2017 Desktop Wallpapers

The wallpapers I’ve selected for march are all from a single sunrise storm at Lake Louise. In January, I arrived at the lake during a heavy snowfall. I almost ducked inside for coffee, admitting defeat before even attempting a single frame. Instead, I setup and waited just in case the weather abated. Luck prevailed. The sky opened up behind Mt Fairview and I captured some of my all-time favorite images from this location. Fifteen minutes later, the light vanished and the whiteout continued.

The experience was all-too-common and one that truly emphasizes a rule aspiring landscape photographers should live by:

Wait until all hope of light is gone, and then wait at least fifteen more minutes. It will pay off.

Sunrise Storm at Lake Louise Desktop Wallpapers

I have two images for widescreen displays this month. Although the frames were captured close together, the small shift in perspective changes them dramatically. One is obviously Lake Louise, as the infamous boathouse is clearly visible. By shooting closer to the water, the second image feels more natural and isolated.

Sunrise storm at Lake Louise by Jeff Bartlett Media Inc.

Download the 16:9 image of the Lake Louise boathouse for computer and other widescreen displays.

Moments of clarity during an incredible sunrise storm at Lake Louise Grab the 16:9 version of the sunrise storm at Lake Louise for computers and other widescreen displays.

Storm at Lake Louise images for iPad and iPhone displaysDownload the 4:3 image for iPads and other tablets.


Download the 16:9 image for iPhones and other smartphones

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