Introducing Nanak Flights – Find Cheap Flights in Canada & USA

Nanak Flights is a superb travel agency celebrating their 5th year in business. Their website allows customers to book airline flights at a significant savings. When you’re booking flights online for North American travel it can be easy to fall in the routine of booking from the airline and just accepting the prices they have set. Break out of that habit and save some money and try out some of these new providers. Nanak Flights is a fully licensed business as well as members of IATA and TICO (TICO is the travel agency council of Ontario and they ensure that every customer’s travel purchase is protected). They might still be fairly new but they’ve done their homework and are carving out their own part of the travel industry.

Cheaper Than Ordinary Travel Agencies

Many people have already discovered that Nanak Flights is much cheaper for booking airline flights than any other travel agency. The reason for this is that Nanak Flights receives a special deal from every airline and instead of keeping the profits, they pass the savings to their customers. This savings allows customers to travel to their destinations for much less and since they have money left from their trip, they usually book another flight for a vacation somewhere else. After all, everyone enjoys taking more than one vacation every year!

Booking a flight with Nanak Flights is quite simple and all a person needs to do is go to their website and test out their flight search engine.

Visit Their Website

Step by Step Guide on Using the Flight Search Engine

1. Choose one-way, round trip, or multi-city flight option
2. Enter city the person is departing from and then arriving in
3. Choose the departure and return dates
4. Choose departure and return times if applicable
5. Enter the number of people flying
6. Choose an airline or simply leave as ALL
7. Enter cabin choice
8. Click direct flight option if only looking for direct flights
9. Click on SEARCH and wait for flight options to pop up on the screen

nanak flights

Where can you book flights to?

Flights are available from Canada and the United States and Nanak Flights will search more than one hundred airlines as well as five consolidators to find the cheapest rates available. Nanak Flights offers all their customers the best price guarantee and there is no service fee on published fares. When a person finds a flight that is perfect for them, they can book it easily with the three clicks online flight booking tool. The online booking and payment section carry a 100% safe flight shopping guarantee and each purchase is done using SSL encryption.

Future Travel Credit for Price Drops

Nanak Flights also offers customers a future travel credit of up to CAD $100 with every ticket purchase as a part of their price drop guarantee. If anyone finds a lower price on their airline ticket anywhere else, they can simply send a screenshot to Nanak Flights to receive the credit.

As soon as tickets are purchased, they are delivered to customers as an e-ticket via Sabre’s Tripcase technology. Customers are encouraged to create a profile in Tripcase, so that when there are updates to their trip, they can receive them on their mobile phone.

There is also a dedicated flight schedule change team that works for Nanak Flights and their job is to notify their customers of any flight changes or cancellations well in advance, so that no one ever misses a flight or gets stranded in the airport.

Online Travel Guides

Prior to traveling or even purchasing an airline ticket, people can go onto Nanak Flights website and peruse all their travel guides. These travel guides can either help a person decide where their want to travel to or assist them in choosing what they will do during their vacation.

One feature I think more airline booking companies could learn a thing or two from Nanak is customer service. Use the online chat support on the website. This is where visitors can receive help if they are having problems finding a flight, need information about certain destinations, or have questions about passports, visas, and health issues for their chosen destination.

Book a flight today

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Nanak Flights has managed to save people a lot of money since they started their business. Anyone who needs to fly from Canada or the United States will want their first flight search to be with Nanak Flights. Once you see the prices, you might be as surprised as I was. Nanak Flights has been added to my bookmarks bar and I’ll be keeping a close eye on them for the next batch of flights I book.