How to Become a Travel Photographer

Hey, everyone! Last year we had an amazing photography series on the blog by professional travel photographer Laurence Norah. He wrote five long, detailed, and super helpful articles on how to take better pictures! Since that time, we’ve also been secretly working on a photography course together as part of the Superstar Blogging online school I started.

And today is the day we launch it! I am very, very, very proud of how this course turned out. It’s a beautiful, super detailed course featuring videos, tons of step-by-step walk-throughs, and chapters that collectively reach over 100,000 words! This is a photography course that is going to change how you take pictures. To tell you all about this course, here is Laurence in his own words:

I love taking pictures. The feeling I get when I find that perfect moment and am able to freeze it forever in time is almost indescribable. Photos are memories. They take us back to a moment in our life that was so special we had to preserve it forever. Pictures aren’t something you just take with your phone — they are moments that moved you to yearn to capture it. I’ve always been drawn to the power and magic of photography.

Most people are.

But I want to tell you a secret.

Taking beautiful photos and capturing those memories isn’t as hard as you think. It doesn’t require expensive equipment, fancy studios, or high-tech editing software. All you need is dedication and some simple concepts to really improve your photography. You can get as deep as you want, but even mastering the basics will improve your photography by leaps and bounds.

Everyone I talk to loves taking photos. We live in a photo-obsessed culture. How many times in a day do you take pictures with your phone? And how many times do you think “I wish my pictures were better!”?

If you’ve always wanted to take better pictures, then let me show you how.

If you’ve thought you always needed a big expensive camera, then I’m here to show you how your device doesn’t matter. Any camera can take good photos if you can take good photos.

If you thought editing requires years of practice, then I’m going to teach you the basics in less than 30 minutes!

If you’ve wondered how to move from amateur to professional, I’ll teach you how I became a paid photographer and how you can too.

how to become an expert photographer in travel course

My name is Laurence Norah, and I’ve been making an income from my travel photography for almost six years. I first picked up a camera over two decades ago, when my parents gave me a Canon film SLR camera for my birthday, and then I studied photography at school — where I learned how to shoot film and use a darkroom. Photography remained a hobby of mine until around the late 2000s, at which point I won a travel photography competition in a major UK newspaper and realized this was something I could do for a living.

I’ve been featured by Instagram and worked on numerous shoots, from the SxSW music festival to the Edinburgh Hogmanay event, and with numerous clients, like Panasonic and Vanguard. Each year, I teach photography and lead photowalks around the world.

But I wanted a better way to share my knowledge to a wider audience, so I worked with Matt to create the course “How to be an Expert Photographer” and make all of my knowledge available to anyone who is willing to invest a bit of time and effort into learning the art of photography.

This course contains everything I’ve learnt about photography since I picked up a film camera over 20 years ago. I wanted to put it all down into one place, starting from the beginning and walking you through the essentials of cameras and photography, advanced photo techniques, editing, and actually making an income from photography.

All the way through I pull from my personal experiences, and the course is packed with examples, images, and videos, making what can seem like a complex subject easy to understand.

If you’ve been thinking about wanting to learn how to take better pictures, then this course is for you. If you’re an amateur and want to learn to become a professional, then this course is for you. (Not everyone wants to be a professional photographer, but I bet you would like to take better photos and figure out what all those buttons and modes on your camera mean and do.)

There’s nothing better than looking at a photo and smiling as you realize you took that beautiful image that freezes that magical moment perfectly.

What’s Included in the Course

Broken down into 11 units comprising 33 lessons, the course starts off by getting you entirely comfortable with your camera. You’ll learn how to be a master of your camera, with a detailed understanding of how it works and how it to get the perfectly exposed shot every time. I also teach advanced topics, such as how to shoot the stars, what HDR is and how to do it, mobile photography, and long-exposure photography. All of this is laid out with examples, images, and walk-throughs to make it really easy for you to grasp.

Then, the course tackles the post-processing side of photography — what happens after you’ve taken your photo. You’re going to learn everything from how to set up an efficient workflow to editing and backing up your photos.

Finally, the course looks at how you can convert your hobby into a profession. From how much to charge to getting yourself found, we go through in detail everything you need to know to start making an income from your newfound skills.

Additionally, you’ll get feedback on your photos! Each unit has a homework assignment for you that will help you put the unit’s concepts into action. I will personally look at and give feedback on your submitted homework.

You’ll get quarterly webinars! Every quarter, I will host a free webinar (that will be recorded) where I will answer questions, give advice, and build on the information.

And, finally, you’ll get interviews with award-winning photographers such as:

Business Of BloggingBrendan Van Son – Brendan is a full-time travel photographer who has been traveling the world and having incredible adventures for years, including riding from one end of Africa to the other on a scooter. His work is regularly published in the Guardian newspaper, and he also teaches photography in locations all around the world, including an upcoming tour to Cuba!

Business Of BloggingLola Akinmade Åkerström – Lola is a full-time photographer whose work has appeared in National Geographic Traveler, the Guardian, Travel + LeisureLonely PlanetFodor’sSlate, and several in-flight magazines, and on the BBC, CNN, the Travel Channel, and the National Geographic Channel, as well as many more locations. I love her portrait work most of all; she has an incredible talent for capturing people.

Business Of BloggingDaniel Nahabedian – Daniel is a full-time, professional freelance photographer who teaches photography and runs workshops all around the world, and he is the guy I go to when I have a question about Lightroom or Photoshop. He has a classic style of photography and is particularly fond of landscapes. Most recently, he has taught workshops for the Giving Lens charity and spends a lot of time in Africa teaching people how to get better shots of the wildlife, people, and landscapes.

Business Of BloggingEdin Chavez – Edin is a Miami-based commercial photographer who is always pushing the boundaries of photography. I first met Edin in Meteora, Greece, and quickly came to respect the quality of his work. He’s been featured on the notable photography website PetaPixel and is the editor-in-chief of the online photography site Shut Your Aperture.

Photography is an art that takes a while to master. I firmly believe, though, that it is something that anyone can do, if given the right direction. This course is that direction.

With over 30 individual lessons, multiple homework assignments, and a series of videos, this is the most robust travel photography course on the market. Nothing goes into as much detail as I do.

This is not a short course, but you can do it at your own pace. And whether it takes you three months or a year — I’ll be with you the entire way. Every question, concern, or point of confusion, I’ll help you solve. And you’ll also get lifetime access to the course, including any updates, new webinars, or interviews we have! One price for one lifetime!

So, if you’ve ever looked at beautiful images and wondered how to get shots like that — this is the course for you. If you want to understand how to take better images — this is the course for you. If you want to learn how to make money as a professional photographer — this is the course for you.

Get Started Today!
This 33-lesson course is available for instant access for a one-time payment $199 $99. Since we’re only launching this in limited beta form, the course is only available until Monday, February 29! After that, we are going to close it to new students, work out any bugs, and then re-release it at the crossed-out price. If you want to improve your photography and save money in the process, now is the time to get this course!

Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve never held a camera. Is this going to be too complicated? It sounds like too much.
Absolutely not. I know that photography can seem complicated, so I’m starting off with the assumption that you don’t have any prior knowledge. The course starts at the absolute basics and builds from there.

I’ve been a photographer for years. I know the basics. Is this course for me?
I’m a firm believer that you can always learn something new. This course does start with the basics, but as it progresses, I’m going to teach you everything I know about making a living from photography. If you’re looking for something to help you step up your game and take your photography to the next level, this course will help.

Will I have to buy lots of new camera gear?
No. Although you might want to, depending on what you shoot with, in order to take advantage of everything we’re going to be covering. As you’ll learn in the course, all cameras, from a smartphone to an SLR, work in the same way — the key differences are the technology inside and the amount of control you have over the functions. Whatever your current level of equipment, you’re going to learn how to take better photos. Then, if you decide that your equipment is holding you back, we’ve got a whole section of the course dedicated to providing up-to-date advice on the best gear for you.

What happens if I get confused?
Hopefully you won’t, but if this happens, help is just an email away. I’ll be on hand to give you whatever help and advice you need in order to succeed at the course and improve your photography!

How long are the interviews?
Each is 30–60 minutes and an audio file you can download and listen to as often as you want!

Are the webinars, videos, and interviews transcribed?
Yes, they all have transcriptions you can read.

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