Get Unlimited Data to 5 Devices with SkyRoam’s Global Wifi Hotspot

Traveling to Canada from abroad? Allow me to apologize in advance, as you’ll quickly realize how insanely expensive data rates are here. See my post on things Canadians pay too much for. Canada has some of the most expensive data rates in the world. If you’re looking for an easy solution to get you and your loved ones phones, tablets, or computers online during your stay without breaking the bank, you’ve got to check out this little orange device. It’s going to save you a ton of money and headaches.

Introducing SkyRoam’s Global Wifi Hotspot

SkyRoam’s Portable WiFi is a pocket sized device that allows up to 5 devices to simultaneously connect to it. It’s fully rechargeable, powered by the same USB you use for Android cords (micro USB). This portable wifi machine is lightweight and sturdy little unit that’s easy to stuff in a bag. I’ve used it for 3 days so far and I have only had to charge it once, though it varies based on usage. While you can fight with tracking down a phone provider and sim card and signing up for some awful data agreement for your journey through Canada, this serves as the perfect alternative. Especially when you consider how many devices can be connected.

How much does SkyRoam cost?

The unit itself can be purchased for $99, or you can simply rent one for your travels. Day passes for unlimited wifi cost only $8.95 per day. At first glance that might seem a bit pricey, but consider the following:

  • Starbucks WiFi is going to cost you (and perhaps one other person) $6.00 – $12.00 to use for the duration of your drink
  • Adding a roaming package can cost anywhere from $30-$90 and the data usage limits are typically between 100mb – 300mb, which is lousy if you’re planning on uploading photos to Facebook or Instagram.
  • Signing up one cell phone for a sim card with data in Canada (note you can only use this in Canada), and fighting to ensure it’s the right type, and making the extra stop during your trip will run you anywhere from $50 – $90 per month, with data caps ranging from 500mb to 3gb. Remember this is only ONE device.

When you do the math you’ll quickly see that $8.95 is a small price to pay for unlimited data,  multiple devices, and the convenience of not having to take you away from your travels to do “errands”. You shouldn’t be expected to do errands on vacation, leave those for your life back home.


Perfect for All Countries

The big benefit with SkyRoam’s Global Hotspot is that it allows you to connect anywhere you go. So if you’re planning on backpacking Canada then continuing on somewhere else, this is a great option to keep costs down.


No Contracts

I don’t like contracts. I don’t know many people who do. So the pay as you go functionality of SkyRoam is very appealing. If I only need to be connecting once or twice a week, I can save some serious money and just pay for the days I need internet.

Wifi for Digital Nomads, Freelancers, and Business People

If you’re traveling for business, or living the digital nomad life, having access to unlimited WiFi for multiple devices can be extremely helpful in places with lousy internet. I can’t recall how often I’ve found myself sipping a black coffee, ready for a few hours of solid work, only to find out the cafes internet is on the fritz. In those cases, pop out this little emergency device, pay for a day pass and get online! Don’t forget to business expense that day! What’s even more handy is that if you’d rather work from a park bench, or from in your tent while you’re camping, it’s just as easy.

The SkyRoam has officially found a new home in my backpack, and I’m looking forward to using it more throughout the year! If you’re interested in purchasing your own Skyroam click here!

Have you used a portable wifi during your travels? Comment below?