Get Ready for some FOMO! Here are some final updates on TravelCon

POSTED: 8/8/18 | August 8th, 2018

TravelCon is just about one month away! I can’t believe it! Where did the time go? This time last year, I was brainstorming the event and now here it is!

For a long time, I’ve dreamed of putting on a conference that is less about “getting free trips to travel the world” and more about quality writing, branding, entrepreneurship, SEO, marketing, video production, and product creation — the things that help create a lasting business that delivers value to people and stands the test of time.

I love the web, but in-person events are ten times better for learning and networking. There’s something about meeting another person that bonds you so much more than following their lives on social media or via their blog posts. Face to face connections is where you can make the most lasting connections and relationships — I’ve met some of my best friends, coworkers, and mentors at conferences.

I don’t think my blog would be nearly as big as it is today had I not stepped away from my computer and started attending conferences and events in real life. Now I go to 7-10 conferences each year to meet people, improve my website, and learn new skills.

And that brings me back to TravelCon….

For those in the travel industry — or those who want to be, I want to share some final updates about the event:

With a month left to go, we have:

1. Finalized our schedule.
2. Scheduled our meet-ups and parties.
3. Prepared media marketplace.
4. Confirmed our speakers.

We have 600 attendees and 25 brands attending our marketplace where you can schedule meetings to make introductions and work on creating deals.

We’re going to have some really in-depth workshops and talks on how to improve your blog, vlog, photography, podcast, and writing. (You can click here to see the schedule.)

We also finalized our speaker list. We have a who’s who of over 70 of the best speakers in (and outside) travel:

Since we will have beginner and advanced sessions, there will be tracks and tips for people at all levels of success. I believe the best conferences have people of varying skill levels, so everyone can interact and learn from each other. For too long, travel media conferences have been only geared toward newbies. This conference is really about leveling up and moving to the next stage of your journey. All our talks are going to have actionable takeaways for you!

We’ll be having a media marketplace featuring the following brands where you’ll be able to make appointments and find ways to work together with them:

(Additionally, Visit Pheonix, Get Your Guide, and Landmass Maps will be attending our final marketplace day!)

Considering this is our first year, I’m stoked at the turnout and reception we’ve received!

If you’re interested in stepping up your game, being more than just another struggling influencer, and connecting with your peers and some of the top names and brands in the industry, join us!

We have about 20 last minute tickets left.

Just click here to learn more and secure your spot.

However, if you can’t make the event, we’re offering a virtual ticket. I get that we are all travelers and it’s hard to fly to the middle of the United States for a conference.

We are going to record all our panels, presentations, and keynotes (photo walks and writing workshops not included). Each will be posted online so you’ll be able to watch them from the comfort of your home on any device. Additionally, any PowerPoints or presentation materials that are given out will also be posted online. Everything will go online a few weeks after the event ends.

Though you’ll miss out on all the networking and fun parties (and even cooler people), you’ll get all the educational benefit of the conference, so you can improve your business and boost your career in the travel industry. Self-educating is one of the best ways to do that and create a sustainable platform that pays your bills. Don’t miss out!

The virtual ticket is $149 and can be purchased by clicking here.

So come and attend TravelCon, learn from the best in the industry, and meet other wonderful travel professionals.

Or, if you can’t make it, get the virtual ticket — and make plans to attend next year!

(And, for everyone else, this is the last update I’ll post before the event, so we’ll be back to travel tips soon enough!)

– Matt