Flash Sale: $69 Flights to Europe on Wow Air

Take off on Wow Air with $69 flights. Photo: Eric

Do you have plans to take off to Europe this year? You might after learning about Wow Air’s latest deal. Known for super cheap flights with frequent sales (like the $55 flights to Europe last year and $69 flights from California), Wow Air is at it again.

The deal

For a limited time, this budget airline is offering $69 one-way flights to Europe. Based in Iceland, Wow Air’s $69 fares go directly to Reykjavik from 13 cities in the US.

Even better, a lot of the dates are in the early or late summer (June or September) and early fall (October), making this an excellent deal for that time of year.

For a little bit more than $69, you can go through Reykjavik and connect to London, Paris, Copenhagen, Berlin and several other European destinations. For example, with a $149 one-way flight, you can fly from Boston to Berlin, Chicago to London, or Detroit to Dublin. For more information where they fly, you can check their online route map.

Wow Air Sale


This flexibility gives you the option to either enjoy a holiday to Iceland, one of the hottest tourist destinations in the world right now, or continue on to Europe to your favorite cities.

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As with any deal like this, if you really want the cheapest price, act fast. Once the seats are booked on each flight, the $69 fares will disappear.

Wow Air destinations in Europe

As we mentioned, these flights are not just leaving from big hubs like New York and Los Angeles. Here are the 13 departure cities for this deal:

  • Baltimore/Washington, D.C. (BWI)
  • Chicago (ORD)
  • Cleveland (CLE)
  • Cincinnati (CVG)
  • Detroit (DTW)
  • New York (JFK)
  • Newark (EWR)
  • Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW)
  • St. Louis (STL)
  • Pittsburgh (PIT)
  • Boston (BOS)
  • San Francisco (SFO)
  • Los Angeles (LAX)

Deals we found

Searching on Wow Air, we found several $69 flights still available. For example, we found cheap fares from Dallas to Reykjavik on June 9th, New York (JFK) to Reykjavik on June 20th, Boston to Reykjavik on September 25th, Chicago to Reykjavik on September 3rd, Washington, DC to Reykjavik on September 8th, and Cleveland to Reykjavik on September 23rd.

Tips for flying Wow Air

Before you book that cheap ticket, read through our tips for flying Wow Air and our guide to flying the Cheapo skies on Wow. Like most budget airlines, Wow Air doesn’t include any perks with the basic fare, so you’ll have to pony up extra for everything from checked baggage to a seat reservation.

Remember, the devil — or in this case, the cheap fare — is always in the details!

Now, it’s time for the fun part to find a good deal! Check wowair.us to search for fares.