February 2017 Desktop Wallpapers

February 2017 Desktop Wallpapers

Nearly a month ago, I wrote that I would travel less and adventure more often in 2017, so I wanted my February 2017 desktop wallpapers to show off my favorite Boulder Hut ski photography.

Although it’s only one month into the year, I’m already living up to half my resolution. I skied a lot in January, logging two trips to the Purcell Mountains and a week-long roadtrip in Nevada that saw Lexi Dowdall and I attempt to ski three different mountain ranges. As for travelling less, it isn’t going so well. Lexi and I logged 1500 miles in Nevada; Jason Charles Hill, Emilie Ristevski and I drove nearly 1500 km around Alberta; and I drove to British Columbia twice. I spent more days on the road than at home.

When a single month totals 10 backcountry skiing days, 2 resort days, and work in three different provinces/states, I consider it a positive year. I just hope all of 2017 is so incredible.

Boulder Hut Ski Photography

The desktop wallpapers I’m sharing are my favourite Boulder Hut ski photography moments. After canceling trips to the backcountry lodge in three consecutive years, I finally found myself flying into the Purcell Mountains from Kimberley Alpine Resort. The week spent disconnected in the mountains was both productive photographically and personally rewarding.

Trips like these always seem to inspire plans for my next great adventure. Hopefully my images do the same for you. Download these images for your favorite device and make sure to let them engage your adventurous spirit and then get started planning your next outdoor adventure!

The Purcell mountains provide a stunning backdrop for my boulder hut ski photography seriesDownload the 16:9 image for desktop and laptop computers.

Sweeping turns beneath the purcell moutains in British Columbia, Canada

Download the 4:3 image for iPads and other tablets.

Download the 16:9 image for iPhones and other smartphones.

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