Explore Canada by Rail with VIA Rails CANRAILPASS

I’m a huge fan of VIA Rail in Canada. Hands down, a train journey across Canada is a list item that needs to be added to your bucket list. VIA Rails has been providing transportation to the people of Canada since 1977. Passengers have traveled on approximately 3.8 million trips with VIA Rails over 12,500 kilometers of tracks. VIA Rails has now decided to make traveling even easier and more affordable for their passengers by creating the CANRAILPASS.

What is the CANRAILPASS?

The CANRAILPASS is available in two different forms including Corridor and System, and is perfect for people who travel quite often. The Corridor form of the pass allows people to travel between Quebec and Ontario for twenty-one consecutive days, while the System form of the pass allows people to travel across Canada for sixty consecutive days.

People can also choose between base, extra and unlimited travel for their pass. A base CANRAILPASS lets passengers choose between seven or ten one-way economy or escape seating fare tickets. An extra pass lets people choose either seven or ten one-way economy or escape seating fare tickets with the option to book economy plus seats at designated times the day of departure. The unlimited pass allows passengers to book escape or economy seating fare tickets anywhere along the available routes as many times as they want.

VIA Rail Manitoba Winnipeg

How much does the CANRAILPASS cost?

For adults, seven one-way base tickets are $699 while ten are $899. In the extra category, seven one-way tickets for adults are $769 while ten are $999. Unlimited travel for adults costs $1,299.

While many people will think that the economy class will not allow them as many perks as one of the better seating classes and that they need to pay more for these special services, they are wrong. Economy class has comfortable seats as well as power outlets for passengers’ devices and unlimited Wi-Fi. There is no need to spend any extra money for any seats beyond economy class while traveling with VIA Rails. They want all of their passengers to be comfortable at all times while traveling the country and they treat all of their passengers well.

VIA Rail Gate Montreal

Anyone who is planning a trip across Canada or who wants to travel the country, will want to plan on purchasing a CANRAILPASS. This pass can save everyone money, which can then be used during the rest of a person’s trip throughout the country.

View more details about the CANRAILPASS on VIA Rails website. Also don’t forget to check out some of my other blog posts and tips about trains in Canada.