Eurostar is launching a new London-Amsterdam route with €35 tickets

Eurostar is making the trip between London and Amsterdam a lot easier. Photo: TrainPhotos

Getting from London to Amsterdam is about to get a lot easier. Eurostar is kicking off a brand-new route connecting these two European hubs with direct service starting on April 4th. Traveling at speeds of up to 300 kilometers per hour,  this high-speed train journey under the English Channel will make traveling between the UK and Holland a snap.

Instead of heading to the airport for a budget flight or booking multiple train tickets, the London to Amsterdam service will make the journey smoother than ever.

So how will this new route work?

Details on the London-Amsterdam train route

You will now be able to hop on the train at St. Pancras in the heart of London and ride straight to Amsterdam Central Station in a little less than four hours (3 hours and 41 minutes to be exact). The London to Amsterdam route will use the new e320 trains that we’re launched in 2015 and feature free Wi-Fi and plugs for your devices at every seat.

After you go through Passport control at St. Pancras International, you can sit back and relax until you get to Amsterdam. Order a croissant and coffee or a sandwich and glass of wine in the cafe car. Travelers will be happy to know they won’t have to switch trains in Brussels or anywhere else along the way on their trip to Amsterdam.

How to get €35 tickets

Budget travelers can rejoice as well because tickets for the new London-Amsterdam trip start at €35. Seats for this special promotion go on sale on February 20th, so mark your calendar if you want to score this super cheap deal. There will be two trains a day heading out from London at 8:31 am and 5:31 pm. Arrive in Amsterdam just in time for lunch with the morning train or an evening cocktail with the late afternoon train. Check for the latest updates.

Hotels in London and Amsterdam

Make your journey even easier by booking a hotel within a quick walking distance of St. Pancras International in the King’s Cross neighborhood or Amsterdam Central Station. You’ll never have to worry about being late for your train. Since it’s an international trip, just make sure you show up at least 30 minutes before your departure time (45 minutes on holidays and weekends) for the check-in and Passport control.

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