El Calafate

We arrived in El Calafate after staying a few nights in El Chalten. After El Chalten it was a real change. Mobile phone services were working, there were plenty of working ATMs, petrol stations having petrol and taking credit cards. So El Calafate has all the services you would need for a comfortable stay. El Calafate also has an airport and many people fly in here to see the Perito Moreno Glacier in the Los Glaciares National Park.

Unfortunately we haven’t had enough time in El Calfate and we weren’t able to discover the Craft brew pubs and restaurants even though there were plenty of them on the main street and my heart was truely bleeding to miss out on these. We only had one afternoon there and still had to make it to the glacier which had higher priority.

One thing is sure, everything is about the calafate berry in El Calafate, you can get Calafate jam, beer, drinks and all kinds of souvenirs.

We stayed one night in the Patagonia Rebelde Hotel which is themed on a railway station from 100 years ago. All the rooms, the décor, the lobby and everything had this nice old feeling. Even though the rooms were very small there was quite a large living room like space in the lobby where you can work, meet other travellers, and have a few drinks. They unfortunately didn’t have a restaurant on site, but we were welcome to bring our own food and eat it there. Luckily they had a bar though so having a drink didn’t require us to take a trip to the supermarket.

Argentina, El Calafate

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