Dive Provo – Making a Splash in Turks and Caicos

In the early days of tourism on Providenciales (Provo) a few hardy divers discovered the vertical walls plunging to over 6,000’, and reefs home to abundant marine life. As word got out about Provo a lot of the focus shifted to the miles of peaceful white sand beaches skirted by warm turquoise waters and these attracted stressed souls to a place they could unwind in peace.

The thing everyone says when they first come to Turks and Caicos is “I just can’t believe the colour of the water, it is so beautiful”. Well, it is just as beautiful below the surface too. If you are a diver you should certainly not miss diving here, to do so is to miss some of the more dramatic wall dives in the Caribbean region.

Imagine swimming out over a blue line in 40’ of water over nothing but blue disappearing into the depths. This is wall diving. The diving is all wall diving and it is all good. There is no one “best” site though if pressured most divers will admit to having a favorite. Dive Sites in Grace Bay are close by and is what people refer to as a mini wall. Under the boat expect to descend into depths between 25 – 30ft with spur and groove coral formations and lots of nooks and crannies for creatures to hide in. The wall slopes down to about 110ft where it gives way to a wide sandy plateau before the wall falls again into the abyss. The more dramatic wall dives where the bottom drops steeply away just under the boat are found at North West Point, West Caicos and French Cay. All these areas are part of a continuous barrier reef protecting the islands and marine life is abundant everywhere all along the reef. Common encounters include sharks, turtles, eagle rays, schooling fish; and lucky divers regularly experience the thrill of riding home after a wonderful day of diving with dolphin playing in the boat’s wake.

Dive Provo is without a doubt the premier independent dive company on Providenciales, operating 3 modern dive boats. Each vessel is large enough to feel spacious and stable with a comfortable maximum number of guests. They are designed for customer convenience, and include such amenities as fresh water showers, marine toilets, camera rinse tanks, comfortable seating, a wide dive platform and ladders for easy entry and exit of the water, as well as full safety equipment divers expect to find on a quality dive vessel. Whether a dive traveler or a “once on vacation” diver Dive Provo staff do their utmost to make sure guests have a safe, quality experience. With warm, clear water and little in the way of currents the diving around Provo can accommodate all diver levels; Mother Nature has done us proud.

If it is a while since you have been in the water or are a little apprehensive a quick pool refresher the day before your planned dive is recommended and easily arranged. Quickly going over the basics you learned on your certification course and practicing these skills in the pool significantly increases the success and enjoyment of your dives. Rather than a stressful experience just to tick your vacation activities box you will be confident and relaxed in the water and able to appreciate all the wonderful things you are seeing. That’s why you came here after all.

Seasoned divers appreciate the freedom to dive as buddy teams if they have diving partners or can join Dive Provo’s experienced instructor on each dive. Safety is a top priority with a company philosophy utilizing a hands-off approach to supervision, treating you as adults and only taking control when absolutely necessary. If your stay includes a few dives at Dive Provo and you have your own gear the helpful staff will set it up for your dives each day and break it down and rinse it when your boat gets back to the dock. Just pack your bag, leave it on the boat and it will be ready for your next dive. No lugging heavy gear back and forth to your hotel room or condo.

A lot goes in to choosing a vacation destination. Consider not only the quality of the hotel and amenities but also the ambiance of the island and what the island has to offer. The beaches and the water are Provo’s main attraction offering some of the best diving in tropical waters close to mainland North America and with easy access from major US and Canadian cities, Europe and South America.

Dive Provo should certainly feature on your list of Provo’s attractions. Even if you are not a diver you can experience the wonders of the underwater world by taking a Resort Course. Supervised by experienced, qualified staff, for many people this memorable PADI designed excursion is the highlight of their vacation.

Dive Provo knows it is not just outstanding diving that makes a great vacation, it is also the attitude and friendliness of the dive staff. They love diving and it shows. Dive Provo customer surveys continually rank the Dive Provo team as “Number One” in reasons why they would return. Come experience Provo and diving with our staff for yourself. They are waiting to welcome you next. Book online or call Toll Free: 800-234-7768, email: diving@diveprovo.com.