Coming Soon: EuroCheapo’s “Insider Tours of Paris” to start October 2018

EuroCheapo is thrilled to announce that we’ll soon be offering our first small-group “Insider Tours of Paris”, which will begin in October 2018.

Get ready for an expert guided, intimate adventure in Paris. EuroCheapo’s “Insider Tours of Paris” will bring together the best of what EuroCheapo has to offer.

Insider Tours will be:

Affordable: EuroCheapo’s Insider Tour packages will be the most affordable, small-group tour packages offered in Paris.

Intimate: Tour groups will be limited to 15 participants, which will allow access to sights, restaurants and activities that are off-limits to larger groups.

What’s included?

EuroCheapo Insider Tours of Paris will run from Sunday (check-in) through Saturday morning (check-out), and will include:

• Charming hotels: Insider Tours will spend 6 nights in a top-rated and central three-star Paris hotel, chosen from the best of EuroCheapo’s Paris hotel picks.

• Local dining: Insider Tours will include breakfasts, some lunches and two memorable family-style dinners.

• Daily Insider excursions: Start each day by exploring the neighborhoods of Paris with EuroCheapo’s Paris correspondent, Bryan Pirolli.

• Daily café apéritif: Daily late afternoon café meetups bring everyone together for a drink, advice from Bryan, and evening planning.