Check out the 20 Most Popular Camping Items in 2016

Camping is an adventure for just about anyone. With the right gear your next camping trip is sure to be a breeze. In an effort to make your camping experience a more pleasant one, I’ve compiled a list of the most popular camping items of 2016. This list covers the most popular and common pieces of camping gear that ordinary campers pick up in spring and summer. Camping requires a bit of an investment to get started, but once you’re set up with decent camping gear you’re set for years to come. Let’s get to it!

camping 2016 items

Here are 20 most popular Camping items that are always classified as a must, if you want to have a fun and less stressful experience when camping with your family and friends.

Camping Tent

This is number one on the popularity list because this is one of the only camping items that can keep you and your friends or family dry in a storm. The alimighty tent will give you the ventilation you need to stay cool on a hot summer day and safe from bites when the insects get hungry. Looking for the most comfortable camping tent? Check out some of them here.

Sleeping Bag

Sleeping bags are high on the list of popular items for 2016. They’re a must if you plan on sleeping on the ground or when the cabin bedrooms are full. You’ll find sleeping bags in van campers, tents, cabins, and in the backpack of just about any long term traveler. Sleeping bags can be very comfortable, roomy and help keep you warm on cold nights. If you plan on camping into the fall or in the mountains, be sure your sleeping bag is rated for sub 0 degree temperatures. Check out some of my favourite sleeping bags.

Camping Mats

Camping mats ensure that you are well rested throughout your journey, so you’re able to trek and explore to your fullest while you’re up without a sore back. Depending on your budget, you can find find some pretty compact camping mats that are extremely compact and great for long term camp trips. Check out some of these amazing Camping Mats. Looking for a camping mat to share with that special someone? Check out these double camping mats.

Camping Chair

When you’re going camping you can’t take your living rooms sofa along with you; however, Just because you’re planning to spend time in nature doesn’t mean you have to live without the luxury of sitting in a chair. Using a Camping chair gives you the comfort and rest that you rightfully deserve. Camping chairs come in various sizes and designs to fit your needs and go along. Looking for a camping chair to call your throne? Protip: Get one with a drink holder.


First we made fire. Then we made candles. Then we made lanterns. Then the flashlight. Then some genius strapped one to his head and said “Hands free!”. While moving around your campsite in the evening, you may find your trail a little too dark for comfort. Having your Headlamp is important to guide you from Point A to Point P.  Headlamps help prevent you from falling and give you the convenience of using both hands. Find your own high quality headlamps for your camping needs.


You’re going to have a hard time camping without a backpack. Backpacks allow you to carry essential tools, food, drinks any much more. You should never neglect to find a backpack that suits your needs for trekking or camping. Backpacks are able to reduce the stress of organizing your stuff and having it ready when you need it. Check out my blog post on the best backpacks for long term travel. Or check out some of these awesome backpacks.


While headlamps are dope, Lanterns are great for keeping around your campsite for brightening up the general area. Using a lantern when camping is a popular camping item for anyone from nighttime readers, drinkers, or walker. You need to have a high quality Lantern with long battery life, this will help you see clearly and watch out for any dangerous critters hiding in the dark. Check out these affordable lanterns.

Camp Stove

You could go camping prepared to eat snacks packed from home or you could just take a Camping stove with you so you could prepare hot meals for you, friends or your family. A camping stove isn’t only for cooking, you can also use it to boil water if the water at the camping site isn’t safe to drink, or just for washing up. Check out some of the top 7 camping foods, or find your own affordable and portable camp stove.


A cooler is a great choice when going camping, primarily in campgrounds. While coolers can be cumbersome, nothing keeps your drinks and food cool like a cooler (or esky if you’re Aussie). When camping, cold drinks are sort of a must on a hot day out in the sun. Coolers come in countless different sizes. you can find the perfect cooler you need for the amount of items you want to be kept cool here.

Solar Charger

When going on a camping trip it’s fairly common that there will be absolutely no electricity for you to do what you’re normally used to doing, like charging your gadgets. With a solar charger you can use the sun as a source of electricity. Prices of solar chargers varies depending on the size but fortunately they’ve come down in price a ton. There are solar chargers that you can connect to your backpack which will help you charge while you’re on the move. Check out some of these awesome portable Solar Chargers.


Whether you’re crazy into birds, pretending to spy on other campers, or just look at things from very far away, binoculars are an awesome addition to any camping gear. For instance, say you spot an animal far away and you want to examine without scaring it away. Those bad boy binoculars are going to save that moment for you. Same with exploring beautiful land scapes. Check out these awesome binoculars, make sure you look to at their zoom level for maximum zoominess. Yes, that’s a word.

Water Bottle

It goes without saying that you can’t go camping without a water bottle. Moving about without a water bottle can lead to dehydration and heat stroke, you do not want that to happen. You can find water bottles of different sizes, and some handy water bottles with built in filters to ensure you’re water is 

Camping Water Purifier

Unfortunately having only a water bottle doesn’t solve all your thirst needs when camping. A water purifier helps you to purify water from springs, rivers or any water source making it completely healthy to drink. Water purification can be done many ways, by using special bottles, or by dropping in tablets and waiting for the chemicals to do their thing. Planning on camping somewhere with potentially sketchy water? Check out some water purifiers.

Pet Tent/Bed

If you are going camping and you’ve got a dog, bringing along pet food may not be enough for keeping your dog happy. Don’t let your pet miss out of the fun of camping, get weird and pick up a private tent for your pet, or simply bring along a bed to let it enjoy those cold cozy nights? Check out these Pet Tents and Pet Beds.


Firestarters are a handy and necessary camping item for making that whole fire starting process a bit more easy. The ideal firestarter ignites quickly and sustains heat for as long as possible to give your kindling the best chance of igniting and keeping you warm for the night. Check out these great fire starters.


A compass, combined with map-reading knowledge, is a vital tool if you become lost during a camping trip. Even if you rely heavily on a GPS for navigation, a traditional compass is an indispensable backup. Note: A compass equipped with a sighting mirror can also be used to flash sunlight to a helicopter or rescuer during an emergency. Compasses are cheap to pick up, so don’t forget to throw one in your backpack!

Sun glasses

Sunglasses, sunny’s, shades, whatever you call them, sunglasses are a must-have camping item, and you’ll need extra-dark lenses if you’re planning prolonged travel in the summer. Make sure you pick up sunglasses that block 100% of ultraviolet light (UVA and UVB)—a key function of quality lenses. UVB rays, the rays that can burn your skin, have been linked to the development of cataracts. Check out these UV Proof Sunglasses.


Flashlights still have a ton of value, even if you already have a headlight. Some flashlights cast very powerful beams and are useful for signaling during emergencies or just finding your path in the dark. Every member of a camping group should carry his or her own light. Pick up a decent flashlight or spend a bit more and find a self charging flashlight.

First-Aid kit

First-aid kits take the guesswork out of building your own kit, though many people personalize these kits to suit their individual needs. Any kit should include treatments for blisters, adhesive bandages of various sizes, several gauze pads, adhesive tape, disinfecting ointment, over-the-counter pain medication, pen and paper, and a needle and thread. Pick up a first aid kit before your next trip!


Knives or multitools are handy for gear repair, food preparation, first aid, making kindling and countless other needs. A basic knife should have at least 1 foldout blade, 1 or 2 flathead screwdrivers, a can opener and a pair of foldout scissors. Always consider bringing along a multitool whenever you go camping in case of any emergency situations. High quality Multitools aren’t always cheap, but they last a lifetime!

Any camping items on your wishlist for 2016? Share them below!