April 2017 Desktop Wallpapers

Alberta dark skies have become a must-see attraction, especially in the Alberta Rockies. Thanks to small populations in the mountain parks, there is very little light pollution to obscure our view of the night sky. Simply put, it’s easier to see more stars in Alberta than in more populated areas.

In March, I worked on a series of really great projects, so I’ve decided that my monthly desktop wallpaper series will feature select images from both shoots.

First, I chased clear weather with night sky photographer Jack Fusco for an entire week. We photographed some of my favourite backyard landscapes in different light, right here in Canmore. It turns out that Alberta dark skies aren’t limited to the dark sky preserves, as we had unobstructed views and little light pollution throughout Kananaskis Country. While shooting, we completed two separate video projects for Travel Alberta, too, and I’ll make sure to highlight them once they’re released later this year.

Later in March, I traveled the classic Alberta C-route that links Edmonton-Jasper-Banff and Calgary. The route takes in all of Alberta; however, I was stoked to revisit some of my favourite landscapes in Jasper. I haven’t spent enough time there since moving away.

Apologies for sending these a few days late, but I hope you’ll appreciate the images nonetheless.

Alberta Dark Skies Downloads

Please follow the links to download the images for desktops, smartphones or tablets!

Download the 16:9 image for desktop computers.

Alberta Dark Skies are spectacular in Kananaskis CountryDownload the 4:3 version for tablets | Or the 9:16 version for smartphones

Stunning light dances past Lac Beauvert and Pyramid Mountain in Jasper National ParkGrab the 16:9 version for computers
The 4:3 version for tablets | Or the 9:16 version for smartphones