A Realistic French Touch

It’s hard to find lifestyle tips and inspiration that are truly useful, do-able, authentic and charming. Social media has spawned so many phony selfie-obsessed gurus that I had given up looking. So I was thrilled when a friend turned me on to The Home Within. The host, “Aurelie from Paris,” takes you to her farmer’s market, or speaks to you from her chic (but realistic-looking) apartment in the 6th arrondissement. She dispenses advice for gracious everyday living with traditional French flair mixed with modern takes on mindfulness and sustainability. Her short videos are professionally shot, and they move along at a clip.
aurelie - 1
She may start with no-brainer kind of information (to decorate with groceries, display fruit on a plate in your kitchen or living room), but will drill down with info you may not have thought of before (you really don’t have to refrigerate olives or eggs; a selection of different fresh herbs arranged in a vase not only look and smell good, but will prompt you to use them more). I most enjoy the sense of humor in Aurelie (“Because I’m French, I put cheese in every room,” she deadpans, as the camera pans to a plate of fromage in her shoe closet) and in her guests. A feng shui expert visiting the host practically recoils at the sight of a wood valet holding a faux-fur coat. “Please take out that hanger,” she commands. “It looks like a decapitated woman.” To take an armchair visit to Paris—free of cheesy selfies—check out The Home Within on YouTube here.