A Comparison Between Netflix US and Netflix UK

There is no denying the fact that the amount of movies and TV shows you get on Netflix these days, they’re good enough to keep anyone amused and entertained for a long time! Whether your purpose of subscribing to the service is to enjoy some blockbuster films, or documentary movies or simply to keep the kids occupied, there’s ample content to not just meet, but exceed your expectations. Whether you are French film fan, or a follower of Korean cinema, you will find just what you are after. However, not many people know that there’s immense difference in the quantity and quality of Netflix service from country to country, which brings to mind the question – Are UK Netflix users getting a raw deal; especially compared to their US counterparts? Who gets better movies? A study was carried out on the 30 best rated movies on the IMDb (Internet Movie Database) to find out how many of them were available in the United Kingdom vs the United States. It was shocking to find out that the UK subscribers had access to no more than one-third of themovies that were available to the US subscribers. But there’s a workaround! You can get American Netflix sitting in UK too! We’ll soon tell you how. It should be noted that it’s not Netflix that should be entirely blamed for this – it’s more to do with the movie studios that set a certain price for their productions, wanting Netflix to match them; in order to let those titles be offered to the Netflix’s subscribers. Studios such as Paramount and Universal are well aware that if a film has a huge audience in the United Kingdom, compared to let’s say Sweden, they can price it differently in the UK market.

Competition also has a role to play as other providers like Now TV and Amazon also bid for the same movies and can be awarded exclusive streaming rights to them. Hence, you may need to pay a certain subscription fee to all the different streaming services to be able to watch all the content.On the whole, US and UK subscribers pay almost the same (perhaps a few pennies extra charged in UK), yet there’s a big difference in terms of the quality and quantity of Netflix content in the two countries. How to access the movies and shows unavailable in UK? The choice difference never used to be much of a problem as long as people could trick Netflix into thinking that they were sitting in the United States, with the help of a Virtual Private Network (VPN). However, Netflix has been coming down hard on the VPN users as itis being pressured by the movie studios to do so. Regardless, many people still use some smart VPN services and continue to enjoy access tothe vast array of movies and TV shows available in the United States.

Although there’s a lot of difference in the Netflix’s US and UK content libraries, the company is hoping that there could soon be an end to the licensing agreements that restrict the films’ screenings in different parts of the world. A change is inevitable with the rapidly rising popularity of video streaming over the Internet.