5 Unique Wedding Locations in Mexico

With a plethora of wedding venues throughout Mexico, it’s hard to choose the one that’s best for your destination wedding, but The Luxury Collection stands out among the rest. With five Haciendas, three located in Yucatan and two in Campeche, you’ll find unique settings and experiences that fit your special day.

1. Hacienda Uayamon
Built in 1700, Hacienda Uayamon reflects the sophistication of a luxury resort while still highlighting the natural beauty of Campeche. For those looking for a mystic, energizing and peaceful wedding, this is the ideal location. Get married in the vestigial chapel, celebrate under the Ceiba tree or host a rehearsal dinner in a terrace overlooking the jungle. Uayamon is an experience no one will ever forget.

2. Hacienda Santa Rosa
A 19th-century building is the perfect place to host your special day. Hacienda Santa Rosa is a former nobleman´s private estate featuring hand-carved finishes and custom-made settings. Whether you are looking for a small and private wedding or a grand event, Hacienda Santa Rosa offers a memorable gathering to be treasured forever.

3. Hacienda Temozon
A hacienda built of coral walls and white moldings awaits you in the tropical rainforest of the Yucatan peninsula. Host your special day with the beauty of ancient Mayan architecture with venues like breathtaking terraces, horse stables and gardens. Hacienda Temozon provides a perfect scene that your wedding guests will never forget.

4. Hacienda San Jose
Magical walkways of gracefully cut flowers and dirt pathways welcome you to Hacienda San Jose. Exquisite colors pop at every corner of the hacienda, making days brighter and nights more mysterious against the flickering of candles. Host your wedding in the gardens, palapa, bar or restaurant. Venues provide the opportunity to watch the starry nights and listen to the sounds of wild life.

5. Hacienda Puerta Campeche
Create everlasting memories in the Hacienda Puerta Campeche, an architectural collection of colonial houses dating back to the 17th century. Hacienda Puerta Campeche is a magical and historical place to host your special day. Between colorful labyrinthine walls and a roof-top lounge surrounded by stunning views, this beautiful Hacienda has everything you need to create a memorable wedding celebration.