5 Best Places to Sky Dive in Canada

Sky Diving is one of the most fun and exhilarating things you can do. While it’s been over 10 years since my first and last tandem skydive, I know how popular this adventure is for backpackers and though I better highlight some of the most popular destinations to Skydive in Canada. You’re going to want to find a reputable company to help ensure a safe experience, but equally as important, is choosing a beautiful Canadian destination to see as you fall towards the ground. Whether you’re planning your first tandem skydive, or plan on joining a skydive school, there are a ton of places to skydive in Canada. Let’s check out some of the most popular places!

Here are 5 of the best places to sky dive in Canada:

Skydive in Vancouver

Vancouver is a city of contrasts. Tall glass building, surrounded by mountains, the pacific, and countless islands. Nowhere else can you better see those contrasts than from 10,000 ft off the ground. Chat to your local hotel or hostel and they’ll help arrange what’s sure to be one of your most memorable days of your life. Finish it off with a night downtown or a post-adrenaline hike and you’ll be in for a treat.

Recommended Vancouver Skydive Company

Skydive Vancouver is one of the best Skydive businesses to check out if you’re planning on taking the leap in Vancouver. Located only 45 minutes from Vancouver in the beautiful Fraser Valley in Abbotsford, your skydive will include some of the most beautiful panoramas of Vancouver, Mt Baker, and even Vancouver Island. It’s a superb way to take in the west coast of Canada.

An active skydive centre since the 1950’s, and one of the first in North America, they’re a great choice for first time tandem skydives, experienced skydivers, or anyone interested in learning how to skydive. Skydiving prices with Skydive Vancouver start at around $259, but if you prepay online on their website you can save some money off your booking!

Visit Skydive Vancouver for more information.

skydive in canada bc

Skydive in Northern BC

Northern BC is widely known for it’s hiking trails, amazing camping, and lush forests. Get a view of the area and consider heading north for a skydiving adventure. Head to Prince George and begin your journey!

Recommended Northern BC Skydive Company

Contact the folks at SkydiveBC North, which has been in business since 1986 and all of the instructors have been trained by the Canadian Sport Parachuting Association. They offer solo and tandem jumps as well as an adaptive skydiving program. A solo jump is available at a cost of $300 and a first jump will take an entire day, because of registration, classes, and the jump itself. A tandem jump is available for $375 and the instructor gives everyone a quick lesson before boarding the plane and then jumping out. The adaptive program was started in 2008 and it is one of the few that are available in the world.

skydive calgary canada

Skydive in Calgary

Imagine watching the prairies and mountains coming towards you at terminal velocity. Calgary is a great place to explore, as well as skydive! The hostels in Calgary and even hotels will gladly help you plan a sky dive during your trip. I’ve been told that skydiving in the prairies is a completely different experience due to the vast landscapes and stretching prairie land. It’s much easier to take in the curvature of the Earth. Many people report feeling like an ant falling towards a boulder. Sounds fun!

Recommended Calgary Skydive Company

Check out Skydive Big Sky which has tandem skydiving available and people who have been skydiving before will love the opportunity of being able to now skydive from a helicopter with this business. A tandem jump costs $279 and they are already booking skydives for the spring. They also have a school where they teach two different courses like Ground School and Progressive Freefall Program. The goal of these two courses is to teach a person how to successfully skydive on their own without being tandem with someone.

skydive banff canada

Skydive in Banff

Banff is a superb backpacker location with countless things to do. One of the best things to consider during your stay in Banff is a tandem skydive. While Banff is known for it’s chaos and busyness in the summer months, you’ll feel like you’ve got the national park to yourself as you descend towards it at terminal velocity. Plan for a late afternoon skydive if possible then hit Banff Avenue for a night on the town and see how long you can keep that adrenaline high going for.

Recommended Banff Skydive Company

Check out Adventure Skydiving which has both tandem jumps and courses available for anyone who wants to eventually jump solo. A tandem jump costs $269 during the week and $299 on the weekends. The Ground School course is $1,799 and includes the course plus all eight AFF required course jumps. Students who have successfully completed the course will be able to purchase individual lift tickets and gear for $75 per jump or they can purchase a five pack for $295.

best places skydive canada toronto

Skydive in Toronto

While most people visit Toronto to partake in the city life, some people visit just to see it from above. There are several Skydive Companies throughout Toronto and nearby. Catching glimpses of the urban mass of Toronto can make you feel like you’re living in your own Sim City. Surrounding Toronto is the Great Lakes which also make for a beautiful view on the way down.

Recommended Toronto Skydive Company

Skydive Toronto opened in 1972 in Ontario and as the business grew, they needed to change their location until they reached their current one at Innisfil in 2006. They offer both solo and tandem jumps, depending on a person’s level of expertise. A solo jump costs $309 with subsequent jumps costing $100. A tandem skydive is available for $299 and videos and still photographs are also available for purchase with tandem jumps. Skydive Toronto offers two different courses for skydivers including the Progressive Freefall Program and the Gradual Freefall Progression. Both of these programs allow a person to complete their solo skydiver certification within a few days.

best places skydive montreal canada

Skydive in Montreal

Experience one of my favourite parts of Canada from above the clouds. SkyDive with the help of a multi-lingual expert. The city, the river, it’ll make for a perfect place to skydive in Canada. Finish it off with a delicious french microbrew (check out some of my favourite microbrews), and you have yourself a sweet day planned. Quebec is a beautiful city to experience, so whether you plan on skydiving or not, you’ll have a terrific time.

Recommended Montreal Skydive Company

Parachute Montreal offers three different packages for people who are participating in their first skydive. The Initiation Package is for a 9,000-foot tandem skydive for $199. The Ultimate Package is their most popular package at $229 and includes a tandem jump at 13,500 feet. The Insane Package is as extreme as it gets and for $369 a person will tandem jump from 18,000 feet. Each one of these packages offers between two and three hours of complete excitement as a person begins the best adventure of their life.

Protip: Spend the extra money and get the video. Chances are you’re not going to turn Skydiving into your next weekend hobby (Face it, we’re all a bunch of wimps). So get the video as proof that you weren’t always a wimp.

Proof I wasn’t always a wimp – Shoutout to my hilarious youthful hair and the backing song by Disturbed. #heavymetalemoji


Go Skydiving This Summer in Canada

Sky diving is an amazing experience that many people will want to try during their lifetime. If you’ve got a craving for some adrenaline, or just want to push your limits during your travels, Sky diving is hands down one of the most extreme sports you can participate in. The sights and sounds that a person experiences during a jump far outweigh the scariness of the jump itself. This is one activity that everyone should consider at least once in their life. If you have any questions about Skydiving chat to the experts at Skydive Vancouver (click here) and they’ll be sure to help you out.